NFL punishes Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns for rules violations

March 30, 2015

The NFL has lost a lot of credibility in recent seasons with the growing public perception that it had, but chose to conceal, information regarding both the sport's concussion dangers, as well as the elevator video from the Ray Rice incident.

Lately, the league's interpretation of its own rulebook has come into question, following the controversial Dez Bryant catch ruling and the NFL's subsequent "damage control" feel to its explanation of the play.

When the NFL investigated the "deflategate" allegations surrounding the Patriots, it conducted its inquiry at such a deliberate pace that many felt the league was less concerned about discovering the truth, and more focused on preventing any stigma rubbing off onto its beloved Super Bowl.

Today, however, the NFL started the slow process of rebuilding its reputation by enforcing rules violations committed by two of its franchises.

Top Rank partners with truTV to showcase new Friday night boxing series

The sport of boxing has been enjoying a resurgence in 2015 that could last long after superstars Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao retire.  The reason?  A significant increase in television coverage that could potentially bring an entire new generation of fans to the sweet science.

This year, we have seen boxing return to free network television on CBS and NBC for the first time in years, and today another entity also has thrown its hat into broadcasting ring, as truTV and Top Rank will partner to exclusively televise a live Friday night primetime boxing series beginning Friday, May 1, at 10 p.m. ET.

John R. Wooden Award names its 2014-15 All Americans

The Los Angeles Athletic Club announced the 2015 John R. Wooden Award All Americans, made up of 10 student-athletes who were selected by nearly 1,000 national college basketball media members and the Award’s former winners.

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