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We report on events throughout the world, but specialize in our analysis of Los Angeles and West Coast sports.  More importantly, we combat East Coast bias because we actually are awake to cover the games out West. If it happens in LA, rest assured we got it on lock.

The DSH's Kweku Turkson interviews Vic Darchinyan

Manish Pandya
Mike Elliott

Assistant Editor
Alexandria Wagner

Kweku Turkson
Adrien Yeung
David Granger
Kien Le
Sunil Patel
Brian Kowalski

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Joe Hammond
Sherwin Sadr
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Mario Gandara
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Jose Romero
Tri Le
Brix Fowler
Felix Hernandez
Kareem Arnold
Steve Oh
Jordan Carr
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Lazaro Cruz
Brendon Richbourgh

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Tri Le

Staff Photographer:
Marc Ramos

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Gregg Kowalski
Kwenu Turkson, Sr.
Alfredo Ruvalcaba
Sunil Patel
Paul Vega
Oliver Petalver
Thomas Walden
Felix Hernandez

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Kris Kohler
Sherwin Sadr
"E-Town" Sean
DJ Stephen Skillz
DJ Gabriel Aguirre


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