Pac-10 College Football Power Rankings -11/3/08

November 3, 2008

The Pac-10 is suffering through a less than mediocre season in 2008. With so few teams able to separate themselves from the pack, it really is hard to rank these teams at the top outside of USC. It seems almost nobody can win a meaningful road game (and by meaningful, we mean beating someone other than Washington or Washington State). Nonetheless, here are this week's Power Rankings:

1. USC Trojans

Last "test" of the season this weekend v. Cal. If this game isn't close, nothing else will be.

2. CAL Golden Bears

Should be satisfied to beat either USC or OSU on the road in the next two weeks. This team is talented enough to have at least one solid road performance, but time is running out this season.


Best win by far of anybody in the Pac-10 against USC, but slow down with the "win out" scenario that leads to the Rose Bowl until they have a legitimate road win in conference.

4. ARIZONA Wildcats

Great at home and own a good win at UCLA, but can they win "tough" road games against someone in the top half of the conference?

5. OREGON Ducks

Killed themselves with major turnover mistakes last weekend. Masoli or Roper must be able to pass the ball effectively if they are to beat OSU or Arizona.

6. STANFORD Cardinal

Big wins v. Arizona and OSU... Do they have at least one more left against Oregon, SC, or Cal? The guess here is not likley, but they have surprised us before this year.

7. UCLA Bruins

They play much better at home so don't just assume they will role over vs. OSU this weekend. If they keep this one close, watch out for that "4th quarter magic" Neuheisel talks about.


They played damn good in their loss at OSU, reminding us a little of what they were supposed to be. We believe this talented team still has one upset in them before they year is out.


The ugly shutout was expected against the Trojans. Hey, they are winless, but not the worst, assuming they beat WSU of course.


Are they the worst Pac-10 team in the last 20 years?

By Manish Pandya
Staff Editor for

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