November 24, 2008

This past weekend in the Pac-10 mostly confirmed what we already knew: Oregon State, while certainly not a powerhouse, is clearly the second best team in the Pac-10. Amazingly in a year in which the Pac-10 is so down, it looks possible, in fact likely, that it will have 2 BCS teams. Further, the 3rd place team will also get a high-profile game in the Holiday Bowl against either Texas, Oklahoma, or Texas Tech.

1. USC Trojans

The Trojans will need help to win the conference, but I doubt they are too worried about that. Currently they are #5 in the BCS and barring an upset by Oregon or a total collapse by the top BCS teams the Trojans are likely to be in the Fiesta Bowl. Still an impressive stage to make a statement. The Notre Dame game shouldn't be close but The Battle of Los Angeles against the Bruins may actually be competetive too since it's in the Rose Bowl where the games tend to be close.


The Beavers are for real and deserve a ton of credit. This last weekend they did what no other Pac-10 team outside of SC has done, win an impressive road game against a legitimate opponent. The victory at Arizona showed this team's toughness and only confirms how much the Beavers deserve the Rose Bowl should they beat the Ducks in the Civil War. Wouldn't a rematch against Penn State in the Rose Bowl have some meaning for the Pac-10?

3. CAL Golden Bears

Cal cruised past rival Stanford 37-16 to take back The Axe, restore their supremacy in the Bay Area, and remain unbeaten at home this year. Jahvid Best was very impressive in running for over 200 yards. He will have one more opportunity to rack up some big stats when Cal host Washington in two weeks (who is in charge of scheduling?) and expect Cal to begin the 2009 Heisman campaign soon after that.

4. OREGON Ducks

Ducks would love nothing better to than to destroy the Beavers season with an upset. A win against Oregon State and a loss by USC would astonishingly give the Ducks a share of the Pac-10 title. Of course, that would mean the Ducks would be able to win a tough one on the road at Oregon State, where both USC and Cal lost. Hey, it's a Rivalry game so don't be too surprised if they do it. Expect a jump up the rankings if they do.

5. ARIZONA Wildcats

Wildcats had their chance to ruin the Beaver's season and they let it slip away. They also let slip away their last chance at making their season anything but "above average." The Wildcats had a very favorable schedule this year getting USC, Oregon State, and Cal at home. But going 1 out of 3 in those games means another mediocre season. At least there is a bowl game this year.

6. STANFORD Cardinal

The Cardinal have shown definite improvement, but no bowl game this year. The Cardinal came out inexcusably soft in the 2nd half of The Big Game and paid the price.

7. UCLA Bruins

The Bruins have to worry about the game at ASU before they begin imagining an upset against the Trojans.


A couple of wins to close out the year could get this team started on the right track for 2009.


With the win in the Apple Cup the Cougars partially redeemed one of the most embarassing seasons in Pac-10 history. Good for them.

10. WASHINGTON Huskies

Say it isn't so Tyrone! You lost to the freaking Cougars! This is the same team that almost beat BYU, right? Well, to be fair, they obviously aren't without Locker. Still with 0-12 looming it is amazing to consider how far this once mighty progam has fallen.

Manish Pandya
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