Thanksgiving Football Preview

November 27, 2008


The Lions have regularly hosted the morning game on Thanksgiving and despite this season's dismal record, that tradition continues. Do the Lions have any hope of gaining their first victory of the year against the Titans? Don't bet on it. This is a total mismatch. The Titans will likely come out fast and furious after suffering their first loss last week against the Jets. The Lions simply cannot defend the run and Chris Johnson and Lendale White should rack up some nice numbers. Kerry Collins is an efficient manager of the game and he will probably get a few TD passes as well. Hopefully for Detroit, Daunte Culpepper will show he still has something left.

Prediction: Titans 41 Lions 17


This game can go one of two ways.

Scenario #1: The Cowboys follow their Thanksgiving trend of starting slowly and play a sluggish first half. Matt Hasselback has success with the short passing game and gets the Seahawks into the endzone several times early. Julius Jones plays inspired in his return to Texas Stadium and Seattle is able to use him to go on several long drives. Eventually Tony Romo and the offense get their act together hitting on several big plays in the 3rd quarter. The game is close in the 4th quarter, but the Cowboys take the lead midway through the 4th and use Marion Barber to run out the clock.

Scenario #2: The Cowboys choose to make this a statement game and dominate from the kickoff. Romo throws the ball downfield with regularity and has 200 yards and 3TDs by halftime. The Seahawks turn the ball over several times and the game is over midway through the 3rd quarter. The defense pressures Hasselback and Demarcus Ware records 3 sacks in a blowout.

Prediction: Secenario 1 - Cowboys 34 Seahawks 24


There has been a lot of talk about Kurt Warner for MVP this season. To win that award, he has to perform on a night like tonight in Philadelphia. Warner has put up huge numbers this year and the Cardinals have a spectacular wide receiver tandem in Fitzgerald and Boldin. Not to mention that the Cardinals played well against the mighty Giants last week. So why do I think the Eagles are going to win this game?

Although the Cardinals have the better record, they also have had the advantage of going 4-0 against the pathetic NFC West. Playing even the last place team in the vaunted NFC East will be a significant challenge. The Eagles may have been struggling, but they are still a tough defensive-minded team. Donovan McNabb is due to have a big game after all the drama of being benched a week ago and he has a good connection with Rookie Desean Jackson. Even with Brian Westbrook at less than 100% the Eagles will still have a better running game than the Cardinals (30th in the NFL) and that will make a difference in this cold weather game.

Prediction: Eagles 24 Cardinals 20

Manish Pandya
Staff Editor of The Daily Sports Herald

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