Juan Manuel Marquez v. Juan Diaz Scorecard

March 1, 2009

Here was TheDailySportsHerald.com Round by Round scorecard of the Juan Manuel Marquez v. Juan Diaz Lightweight Title Bout.


After about 30 seconds, this fight became an all-out war. Diaz trapped Marquez on the ropes several times and effectively let his hands go. Diaz landed numerous left hooks which stunned Marquez or at least drove him back. Despite this onslaught, Marquez refused to clinch and tried valiantly to counter with furious combinations of his own, but Diaz seemed to block most of the harder shots. The pace was far quicker than Marquez is used to as both fighters threw about 100 punches. Late in the round Marquez got caught with a clean left and right along the ropes solidifying this round for Diaz.
Diaz 10, Marquez 9


Another high action round where both fighters have their moments. Marquez seemed content to allow himself to get trapped along the ropes and then counter his way out. Is he laying a trap or is he trying to take a break from the pressure and conserve some energey? Either way Diaz took advantage and fired in combinations while Marquez looked to counter. Halfway through the round Marquez was caught by a big left hook which seemed to stun him. Characteristically, Marquez answers back furiously but the Baby Bull's defensive skills were impressive. The last half of the round signified a shift as Marquez seemed to figure out some things.
Diaz 10, Marquez 9


Close round. Both fighters have their moments in this round, but Marquez, despite leaving his head up and open, seemed to be able to block almost all of the bigger shots when he was on the ropes. Diaz maintained his aggressive posture throughout the round but was countered effectively at times.
Marquez 10, Diaz 9


Another very competitive round, but Marquez was able to back up Diaz at several points. The crowd was impressed by the attacking style of Diaz, but Marquez landed the harder shots with punches from all angles. Sometimes Diaz drove Marquez back, but Marquez was not hurt, he was just content to fight while retreating. Marquez landed several hooks and uppercuts on Diaz this round which caught Diaz as he was coming in and those punches should have a much more lasting effect. The pace was still like Diaz wants it, but Marquez has yet to slow down either.
Marquez 10, Diaz 9


Diaz once again effectively cornered Marquez and released his hands. Marquez countered, but seemed less energetic this round, perhaps seeking to slow the pace. Diaz swamped him with punches to the head and body for most of the round. Just before the bell, Diaz created a small cut over Marquez's right eye.
Diaz 10, Marquez 9


Marquez controlled the pace much better this round and seemed to pick his shots. Marquez landed left and right uppercuts in between the gloves of Diaz numerous times and did a much better job of blocking most of Diaz's shots when on the ropes. The crowd doesn't seem aware of this, but Marquez really began to figure Diaz out in this round. Although the blood was flowing on Marquez's face, it didn't seem to bother him all that much and might even have energized him.
Marquez 10, Diaz 9


Another close, high-action round. Both fighters had their moments. Diaz may be winning rounds on some cards with his constant attacking style, but Marquez is landing the harder, cleaner shots. Marquez apeared much more comfortable in the ring and although the pace was still high, the 35-year old is not slowing down either. Still, Diaz's constant activity makes this another tough round to score.
Marquez 10, Diaz 9


Marquez substantially cut Diaz along the right eye early in the round and then dominated the rest. Diaz never really stopped throwing punches and landed some good shots, but all the tactically significant blows were landed by Marquez. Marquez landed 30 power punches to 8 for Diaz according to CompuBox. Diaz once again seems bothered when cut, as in the Campbell fight. Did he really think he would be able to constantly attack Marquez and not pay the price at some point in this fight? This was the biggest round of the fight for either fighter.
Marquez 10, Diaz 9


Diaz seemed to start the round determined to show he was unaffected by the cut. Once again he applied the constant pressure, but Marquez had made the necessary adjustments and somehow looks totally in command despite this. Both fighters had their moments in the first half of the round. However with under a minute to go Diaz was caught with a short right to the temple that stunned him. Marquez followed up with another incredibly accurate combination and Diaz went down. The Baby Bull showed great courage to his detriment and tried to go back on the attack after the 8 count. But the Mexican legend picked him up apart, first to the body, then with a brutal right uppercut to drop Diaz and end the fight on a TKO. Great fight!

TheDailySportsHerald.com had it 77-75 Marquez after 8 rounds.

Wow! Somewhere Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach are just shaking their heads...or are they hiding under their beds?

By Manish Pandya
Staff Editor for TheDailySportsHerald.com

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