ESPN's Colin Cowherd Reveals His Boxing Ignorance

May 5, 2009

Colin Cowherd, host of "The Herd" on ESPN radio, believes racism is involved when fans use the term "Mexicutioner" to describe Manny Pacquiao.

On his show today, Cowherd went off on a rant to chastise ignorant people for using this term. His point: Manny Pacquiao is from the Phillipines, so stupid fans should "get a globe" and not assume everyone "south" of the United States is from Mexico.

I was waiting for Cowherd to add a little more to his take, when I realized that there was nothing else. He just believed that people using the term thought Pacquiao was Mexican. Cowherd didn't understand why people would be using this term, especially since Ricky Hatton wasn't Mexican either.

Most boxing fans are aware of the real reason Pacquiao has been referred to as a "Mexicutioner." He earned the nickname for his success against the top Mexican fighters of his day: Eric Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Juan Manuel Marquez. This moniker was given even greater use when he defeated Mexican-American legend Oscar De La Hoya in December 2008.

Cowherd's confident derision of boxing fans using the term revealed his own ignorance. No one who has a basic understanding of Pacquiao's career could be that clueless about the "Mexicutioner" name. Even if you were unfamiliar with the nickname, you might have guessed it if you realized who he had fought. Clearly Cowherd did not.

Also, Cowherd's statement that people should not assume that people "south" of the United States are all Mexicans is a bit disturbing as well. While it is true the Phillipines is techincally "south" of the United States in relation to the equator, it is more appropriately viewed as "east" since it is an Asian country. You have to at least wonder if Cowherd was thinking the Phillipines was located in Central or South America.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but it's more forgivable when you are a little less self righteous when you do it.

Manish Pandya
Staff Editor for


  1. cowherd is a buffoon who needs to stick to nascar, rodeo, and all those other sports that conservatives chumps like him love. and just think, this idiot is supposed to be a sports "expert."

  2. Considering Cowherd's credentials, this sort of idiocy should really come as no surprise at all..

    Cowherd actually shows an alarmingly limited understanding of sports on a consistent basis.

    When listening to espnradio, just stick to the intelligent and well-versed scott van pelt, mike tirico, john seibel and the criminally under-rated Freddie Coleman, otherwise you are likely to subject yourself to such mis-informed foolishness that is characterized by cowherd's show

  3. what a jackass! He has absolutely lost all credibility with me. My radio dial will never be tuned to him again


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