Today's Sports Headlines And Their Truths

July 14, 2009 presents our quick truths on today's top headlines in the world of sports. The truth shall set you free . . .

HEADLINE: Tour De France cyclists get the day off before Stage 10
TRUTH: A day off? Aren't these the laziest athletes you have ever seen?

HEADLINE: Blake Griffin goes for 27 points and 12 rebounds in his Summer League debut
TRUTH: Anybody still doubt he won't be "NBA ready" from Day 1?

HEADLINE: Brock Lesnar is scolded after post-fight antics following his Second Round knockout of Frank Mir at UFC 100
TRUTH: I suspect UFC President Dana White has no interest in being Vince McMahon.

HEADLINE: Major League Baseball All-Star Game lineups are announced
TRUTH: The National League lineup would look a lot stronger with Manny Ramirez in it.

HEADLINE: Prince Fielder wins the All-Star Home Run Derby
TRUTH: Finally, Milwaukee is back on the map.

HEADLINE: Clippers seriously consider signing Allen Iverson
TRUTH: LA shouldn't blow this opportunity again after they previously turned down an AI deal just to keep the frail Shaun Livingston. You don't always get a second bite at the apple.

HEADLINE: Arturo Gatti's wife will be charged with his murder
TRUTH: First, some fools suggest Steve McNair is "partly responsible" for his own murder because he was having an affair with a younger woman. Will these same fools now blame another victim, Gatti, for being married to an unstable woman?

By Manish Pandya
Staff Editor for

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