Rick Pitino's Admission & Other Sports Headline Truths

August 13, 2009

TheDailySportsHerald.com presents our quick truths on today's top headlines in the world of sports. The truth shall set you free . . .

HEADLINE: Rick Pitino admits to having an extramarital affair and paying for an abortion
TRUTH: With all the talk about morality clauses and recruiting, the media is overlooking the fact that the mistress had no health insurance and could not afford a medical procedure herself. Can there be any doubt that this country needs a public healthcare option?

The Cleveland Cavaliers sign Leon Powe
TRUTH: Not sure that he's the type of skilled 4 the Cavs ultimately need to complement Shaq, but it's a step in the right direction.

USC quarterback Aaron Corp injures his leg and will miss 1-2 weeks of action
TRUTH: Mark Sanchez leaves, Corp goes down, and now everyone is talking about Matt Barkley. Perhaps Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain would have been better off going to UCLA and getting some PT.

Von Wafer and Linus Kleiza sign with European teams
TRUTH: In the end, the European teams are still just signing rotation-caliber guys, rather than All-Star talent. Keeping this in mind, can we now stop all the rumors of Kobe or LeBron signing for $50 million with a European team?

Kelly Pavlik and Paul Williams agree to fight at middleweight
TRUTH: Hats off to Pavlik for agreeing to fight the one guy everyone is avoiding. If Williams wins, he should get consideration as the new pound-for-pound king, since Manny Pacquiao clearly wants no part of him at welterweight.

High School basketball player Jeremy Tyler signs a one-year, $140,000.00 deal with a pro team in Israel
TRUTH: $140,000.00? If he fails, his earnings might just cover the costs of a college education that he would have received free with a scholarship. I am sure he has his reasons, but Brandon Jennings this was not.

Michael Vick reportedly has limited signing options
TRUTH: I know animals have feelings, and yes, Vick's crime was sophisticated and cruel, but this guy paid his debt and deserves a second chance. So, when teams back off of Vick because they don't want to offend their Middle American fan base, then what does that say about the mentality of those fans? Are they that child-like and vindictive? In the words of the rapper Common:

"While white folks focus on dogs and yoga,
People on the low end are just tryin to get over."

HEADLINE: Colin Cowherd downgrades the Giants-Dodgers rivalry as inferior to the Red Sox-Yankees and the Cubs-Cardinals
TRUTH: First, Cubs-Cards is a joke because when it comes to quality competition among championship-caliber squads, the Cubs have no relevance. Second, those who believe the Sox-Yanks is anything more than a regional rivalry, are misguided. It draws minimal interest on the west coast. Third, the Dodgers-Giants rivalry is unique in that it is strong enough to have survived a cross-country transplant. Fourth, has any other baseball rivalry displayed an intensity equivalent to Juan Marichal's bat attack?

Cowherd is a Seattle guy who doesn't have a clue about California rivalries. He needs to expand his perspective beyond the past 6-8 years.

By Mike Elliott
Staff Editor for TheDailySportsHerald.com

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