Updated Top 10 Pound-For-Pound Rankings

August 17, 2009

TheDailySportsHerald.com's panel has updated their rankings for the Top 10 Boxers regardless of weight class. Other than recent performance, our writers weighed factors such as inactivity and choice of opponents in raising or dropping fighters in the rankings.


Pac-Man will be taking on Miguel Cotto in November. While Cotto is certainly a worthy opponent and should be a stiffer test than any of his last 3 opponents, there are a number of fighters that could give PacMan more problems. Furthermore, Pacquiao's alleged refusal to fight Shane Mosley even at 140 pounds is highly disturbing. So why don't we drop him? Because he has earned enough respect over the course of his career against top fighters that we can never truly doubt his courage.


Marquez's bout in September against Floyd Mayweather Jr. may just be the biggest fight of the year. You certainly can argue that no fight this year will pit two better boxers against each other. The slick Mayweather is not an ideal matchup for Marquez, who much prefers to have aggressive fighters come at him so he can effectively counter. Nonetheless, Marquez has never backed down from a challenge and if he overcomes this one, who will dare doubt him again?


Mosley is sadly in the position of being just too good for his own good. His brutal domination of Antonio Margarito essentially has scared most of the top fighters. Despite making extraordinary concessions, he couldn't convince Manny Pacquiao to challenge him. Mosley will likely have to fight a high-risk, low reward fight against an up-and-coming boxer like Andre Berto.


Williams used to be the most avoided fighter on the planet. But that was before Kelly Pavlik took up the challenge. Many of Pavlik's flaws were exposed by Bernard Hopkins at a higher weight, but at 160 he is still the top man. Despite this, Willliams should be favored because frankly he is a one-of-a-kind talent whose freakish reach and nonstop punching are what people pay to see. People should expect a great bout with plenty of action.


Although his inactivity made it a serious possibility to drop this legend from the list, his assertion that he will fight the winner of Dawson-Johnson is good enough for us. The ageless wonder deserves to be favored against whoever wins that fight . . .


. . . But if Dawson wins, Hopkins shouldn't be favored by much! Dawson stepped up and gave Glen Johnson another chance. Although some have suggested Johnson won their first fight, to most that is an exaggeration. It was a competitive fight that made Dawson look much more uncomfortable than expected. To become a truly elite fighter, Dawson must make a statement in this rematch.


Okay, it is finally time to recognize a heavyweight again! Klitschko is clearly a notch above all other fighters in this division and his sustained success can no longer be dismissed. Yes, we would all like to see him more aggressive and throw more right hands. Yes, it seems like sometimes he is content to jab all night long. But, is it his fault his jab is that good and the rest of the heavyweights aren't? Can we blame him for being so successful while taking so little risk?


Cotto is taking on a huge challenge by facing Manny Pacquiao. Miguel showed plenty of heart in overcoming a bad cut against Joshua Clottey. Unfortunately he also showed signs of the retreating fighter we saw against Margarito. Who knows if he was able to win only because of Clottey's inability to keep up the offense? In any case, he will get no such break against Pac-Man. Cotto better have some defense for that straight left hand down the middle, or he could be in big trouble.


Even when your not fighting the best, when you go 25-0 with 25 KOs, you deserve to be noticed. The WBC Lightweight Champion and former Super Featherweight Champion has destroyed everyone in his path. Hopefully we will get to see him against a truly worthy opponent soon.


Bradley's controversial TKO over Nate Campbell was unsatisfying to many observers. Still, there was no doubt that Bradley was the better fighter in the early going and deserves to be favored if a rematch is made. The undefeated light welterweight champion has plenty of big fights in his future.


Why is Marquez on the list and not the fighter who beat him twice, Israel Vazquez? Marquez has stayed active since their third fight in March 2008, knocking out Jose Francisco Mendoza in May of this year. He is also scheduled to fight again on August 22 in Mexico.

Honorable Mentions

Israel Vazquez, Celestino Caballero, Juan Manuel Lopez, Tomasz Adamek, Kelly Pavlik, Nonito Donaire

Manish Pandya
Staff Editor for TheDailySportsHerald.com

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