Mayweather's Victory, USC's Loss, & Other Headline Truths

September 20, 2009 presents our quick truths on today's top headlines in the world of sports. The truth shall set you free . . .

HEADLINE: USC Suffers an Upset Road Loss to Washington, 16-13
TRUTH: Southern Cal would go undefeated if it only played a non-conference schedule, but against the Pac 10, forget it. Not only does this loss probably crush their championship dreams, it also might be one of perhaps 2 or 3 defeats on the year, as the Trojans appear somewhat vulnerable on the offensive side of the ball.

EADLINE: David Beckham Has a Goal and an Assist in the Los Angeles Galaxy's 2-0 Victory Over Toronto FC
TRUTH: The highest-paid player in the MLS played like the best player in the MLS last night with an outstanding performance.

EADLINE: UCLA Defeats Kansas State, 23-9
TRUTH: There is only one undefeated team in Los Angeles, and it wears blue and gold. The Bruins are blessed with several NFL prospects on their excellent defense, and have also upgraded their talent at the skill positions. When quarterback Kevin Prince returns, expect UCLA to make some noise in conference play.

EADLINE: Oscar De La Hoya Defeats Shaq by Split Decision in an Exhibition Bout
TRUTH: Oscar legitimately outpointed Shaq with cleaner shots, although none of his punches seemed to hurt The Diesel. What was interesting was how easy Oscar was able to land his jabs to the face of the 7' O'Neal. It makes one realize that the proposed Wilt Chamberlain-Muhammad Ali fight would have been an embarrassment for Wilt, as Ali would have repeatedly tagged the taller, out-of-his-element legend.

EADLINE: Sparks Face Storm in Crucial Game 3
TRUTH: Should Los Angeles lose, it will mark the end of the fabulous career of Sparks' center Lisa Leslie. Leslie deserves a special place in Springfield for her contributions to the Olympics, the WNBA, and the sport itself.

EADLINE: Floyd Mayweather Does Not Make Weight and Pays a Reported $600,000.00 Penalty to Opponent Juan Manuel Marquez
TRUTH: The extra 2 pounds turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Marquez, who would have lost regardless. Instead, he gets a bigger payday. Oscar De La Hoya would have been wise to do the same thing to Manny Pacquiao, rather than entering the ring as a drained skeleton of himself.

EADLINE: Floyd Mayweather Defeats Juan Manuel Marquez in a Triumphant Return 
TRUTH: The post fight interviews and disorganized attempts to find a Spanish interpreter were far more entertaining than the fight itself, as Marquez proved to be another small, hand-picked opponent for the low-risk "Pretty Boy."

Mayweather can shut up some of his critics by fighting either Shane Mosley or Paul Williams. Neither of those two welterweights would bring the same financial riches as the winner of Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto, but they certainly would be a quality challenge in the ring.

Unfortunately, judging by Mayweather's stammering reply when asked about a Mosley fight, it looks like he wants no part of the dangerous Mosley. Perhaps he is adopting the Joe Calzaghe strategy -- wait until the legend gets old and then fight him.

By Mike Elliott
Staff Editor for

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