Pats Win Big, Limbaugh is Ousted, Jermain Taylor's Super Six Status, & Other Headline Truths

October 19, 2009 presents our quick truths on today's top headlines in the world of sports. The truth shall set you free . . .

Patriots Crush the Titans in Foxborough, 59-0
TRUTH: It's now Vince Young time in Tennessee.

HEADLINE: The Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants All Suffer Demoralizing Losses
TRUTH: Great news for the Dallas Cowboys who saw all three of their NFC East Division rivals lose while resting up at home during their bye week.

Philadelphia and Cliff Lee Dominate the Dodgers With an 11-0 Victory
TRUTH: Baseball pundits love to claim that the Phillies should lead this series 3-0, but if Joe Torre gives Clayton Kershaw a quicker hook in Game 1, the Dodgers could very easily be up 2 games to 1. In any case, Game 4 is likely a must-win scenario for LA, as they cannot afford a 3-1 deficit with another road game on the horizon.

Jermain Taylor's TKO Loss to Arthur Abraham Could Prompt His Withdrawal From the Super Six Boxing Tournament
TRUTH: Taylor's latest setback constitutes a third recent knockout loss for this once-bright star. Ironically, Taylor has done a lot of good work in many rounds of those fights, thanks to his crisp left jab. Nevertheless, this latest knockout caused Taylor to be hospitalized with a severe concussion and short term memory loss, jeopardizing his status for the remainder of the tourney.

Because of potential health concerns for Taylor, replacement names are being thrown about, with veteran promoter Dan Goossen having the most intelligent proposal thus far: Create a "fight-in" bout on the Andre Ward-Mikkel Kessler undercard between contenders Allan Green and Edison Miranda, with the winner taking Taylor's spot in the tournament.

Not only would that idea make the Kessler-Ward card that much more interesting, it would also display a hint of something that is so often lacking in the sport -- fairness.

Rush Limbaugh is Ousted From an Investment Group Hoping to Buy the St. Louis Rams
TRUTH: Limbaugh was labeled as a "divisive" and "polarizing" figure, ultimately leading to his removal from an investment group. However, such terms are inaccurate because that would first assume that Limbaugh espouses a reasonable alternative viewpoint which generates debate between fans.

In truth, there are no fans on Limbaugh's side of the so-called "divide" because his views on football are just plain stupid. Stupid to the point where one must question whether the man actually pays much to attention to the sport at all.

In other words, no intelligent fan would concur with his notion that Donovan McNabb -- an elite level quarterback -- has been elevated by a media conspiracy determined to make him succeed due to his race. Instead, everyone knows McNabb gets media attention simply because he is an All-Pro, playing at the quarterback position, in a showcase division, and on a playoff-contending team.

In fact, when the media does express such sympathies, it is usually reserved for whites or "safe" minorities. Past examples include cries of "Let's win a title for" Peyton Manning, Bobby Bowden, and Tony Dungy. And even then, those views were usually found in post-championship write-ups as more of an afterthought, rather than as an ongoing, during-the-season storyline.

Smart move getting rid of this obvious racist who probably would have done his best to undermine the progress of the Rooney Rule. And kudos to all NFL players who publicly took an ethical stand against Limbaugh's ignorance.

By Mike Elliott
Staff Editor for

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