Yankees Win World Series, UCLA Escapes Upset, Iverson's Wisdom, & Other Headline Truths

November 5, 2009

TheDailySportsHerald.com presents our quick truths on today's top headlines in the world of sports. The truth shall set you free . . .

HEADLINE: UCLA Men's Basketball Narrowly Escapes Upset With NAIA School
TRUTH: One day after Syracuse lost to Division II Le Moyne, UCLA was forced to rally late against tiny Concordia at Pauley Pavilion. The Bruins' narrow 62-61 victory revealed flaws that could plague this inexperienced team throughout the year.

The most obvious concern will be the team's point guard play, as Jrue Holiday's early departure to the NBA has now thrust unproven Jerime Anderson into the starter's role by default. Unfortunately, Anderson himself can't get on the floor due to a lingering groin injury from last year. If UCLA has any hope of reaching their fourth Final Four in five years, then last year's highly touted recruiting class must finally live up to its rep.

HEADLINE: Los Angeles Dodgers Owners Frank and Jamie McCourt Fight Over Rights to Swimming Pool in Divorce
TRUTH: This ugly and very public divorce is so perfectly disastrous, that Dodger fans must think these two Boston transplants are secret operatives of Red Auerbach on some well-planned mission to exact revenge upon Los Angeles.

HEADLINE:NBA Legend Bill Walton Retires From Broadcasting
TRUTH: Walton had a lot of critics because of his tendency to make bold and exaggerated proclamations. But what those critics failed to grasp was that Walton was well aware of the excessive nature of his statements, as he always said them with a wink and a smirk.

In other words, Walton would spout his semi-serious schtick, all the while knowing that his audience was aware that he was half-serious as well. Consequently, his broadcasts became entertaining with both commentator and viewer "in on the joke." Unfortunately, his critics were often too dumb to grasp this subtle dynamic. The big redhead's unique perspective will be missed.

HEADLINE: Allen Iverson Complains About His Bench Role in His First Game with Memphis
TRUTH: When AI made his recent rant, the corporate media ate it up, citing it as another example of his allegedly poor attitude. AI's opinion, however, was absolutely correct.

At this early stage of the season, there is no justification for starting the still-learning Mike Conley Jr over the polished and explosive AI. If Memphis is indeed playing for a playoff spot, then it is Iverson who gives them the best chance to win, even with other high-volume shooters in their lineup. Memphis, however, seems content to simply evaluate Conley and play for another high lottery pick.

HEADLINE: New York Yankees Win Their 27th World Series With Game 6 Victory Over Philadelphia
TRUTH: Jeter was Jeter. Rivera was Rivera. And Hideki Matsui deservedly won the MVP with his hot bat.

Still, the real story in Gotham was the transformation of A-Rod.

After missing the WBC with injuries and tarnishing his reputation with his 'roid admission, Rodriguez redeemed himself with a great 2009 season. And this time, his success was rooted in intangibles, rather than pure numbers.

This season Rodriguez bonded with his teammates like never before, and no longer seemed to be burdened by the expectations, guilt, and other demons that nagged at him in past years. More importantly, he redeemed his postseason reputation by demonstrating leadership, smashing clutch blasts, and hitting at over a .360 clip.

By Mike Elliott
Staff Editor for TheDailySportsHerald.com

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