Andre Ward Dominates Allan Green in Super Six Tournament Bout

June 20, 2010

Oakland, California - Most boxing fans would never describe WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward as a hummingbird. But that is exactly what challenger Allan Green kept calling Ward in the days leading up to their showdown in the Super Six Tournament.

Green told anyone who would listen that Ward preferred to "flutter" on the outside during his fights. He also stated that Ward would never mix it up nor press the action.

Perhaps that talk gave Ward even more motivation to perform well in front of his hometown fans, as the champion retained his belt by unanimous decision Saturday night with a fierce and resounding assault on Green.

Contrary to Green's claims, Ward worked the inside and punished Green's body for most of the fight, winning every round on the three judges scorecards.

In the post fight press conference a relaxed Andre Ward talked about how much he enjoyed fighting in Oakland, but conceded that it presents a challenge as well. "The crowd was amazing but I couldn't get caught up in it," Ward said. "But I loved to see all the happy faces when it was all over."

Allan Green did not appear at the press conference, prompting promoter Lou DiBella to announce that Green had gone to the hospital to get stitches. "He got roughed up a little bit tonight," DiBella explained.

Andre Ward then smiled a bit at that statement, looked over at DiBella and asked, "I'm a hummingbird, right?"

DiBella just chuckled and replied, "Yeah, hummingbirds are pretty amazing."

Here is our round-by-round synopsis of the fight from ringside:

Round 1

Ward began the round cautiously, staying on the outside as if wary of Green's left hook. Green worked at cutting off the ring and constantly moved forward trying to press Ward into the corner. As the round continued, Ward began to stand his ground and skillfully work Green's body with several well-placed jabs and hooks. Near the end of the round, Ward landed a short left hook and Green responded in kind.

A very close first round, but Ward won it by virtue of being the slightly busier fighter.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 2

Green opened the round with a thunderous straight right that prompted the crowd to begin chanting "Andre, Andre" as if to help Ward recover more quickly from the blow. Ward was not particularly hurt by the punch, but immediately responded by picking up the pace and attacking. Ward continued to work the body and got the better of Green in a couple of brief exchanges.

Although Green landed the hardest shot of the round, Ward still dictated the action.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 3

In a round that brought everyone in attendance to their feet, Ward fought inside for nearly the entire three minutes. If anyone had doubted his grit, stamina, strength, or willingness to mix it up, Ward's performance in Round Three forever put those doubts to rest.

In what would become his main tactic for the rest of the bout, Ward chopped at Green's ribs and busted him up with upper-cuts, as he painted Green into the corner. Green managed to respond with two or three shots of his own, but could not match the fervor and effectiveness of Ward's punches.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 4

Green managed to stay off the ropes most of the round, but Ward continued to fight inside. What may have started as a defensive tactic to neutralize Green's power and four-inch reach advantage had by Round Four become an offensive strategy to wear Green down and take his will.

In fact, it was Green who felt Ward's power when he got caught with a thunderous right hook mid-round. Ward employed combination after combination and simply smothered Green so that he could not get off and land big shots of his own.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 5

Green seemed to wake up a bit in the fifth round. As if reminding himself that fighting inside was something he had actually wanted Ward to do, Green put together a couple of combinations and actually landed a few shots inside. Green showed much more energy and dictated the pace of the round.

Meanwhile, Ward seemed content to take a bit of rest in Round Five, as he focused on cautiously deflecting many of Green's punches while getting his second wind. Ward did, however, land a big straight right hand at the end of the round. This shot probably swayed the judges to give the round to Ward, but Green was the busier fighter for most of the round and deserved to win it.

Green 10, Ward 9

Round 6

After taking a round off Ward came out and launched a furious assault on Green's ribs. For the first half of the round Ward focused on breaking Green down, and when Green eventually lowered his hands, Ward caught him with a fast, impressive three-punch combination. Despite Green's attempts to clinch and hold, he was unable to limit Ward's effectiveness.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 7

Ward maintained the pressure, peppering Green with a series of quick left jabs and following up with right hooks to the body. To his credit, Green fired back with left hooks, but none of them landed cleanly. As a result, Green spent most of the round throwing a hook and then clinching immediately afterward so as to not get hit with Ward's counter shots.

By the end of Round Seven, Green realized that Ward was simply the quicker, slicker, and more skilled fighter, and a look of resignation began to settle on his face.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 8

The pace slowed a bit in Round Eight, but Ward continued to dictate the action. Both fighters were not as busy as they were in the preceding rounds, and there were not any exchanges of note.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 9

Green came out of his corner fighting with much more urgency. He landed a few solid body shots in the early part of the round, and for the first time since the early stages of the fight, began cutting off the ring and stalking Ward. Green's tactics proved effective and he was able to back Ward up against the ropes.

But as he did in the fifth round, Ward responded in the last twenty seconds by landing a tremendous straight right hand. The shot brought the crowd to their feet as Green struggled to stay on his. Still, I awarded the round to Green despite Ward's shot near the end.

Green 10, Ward 9

Round 10

Ward opened the round by landing a nice left hook to the head. He seemed intent on making sure Green did not carry any of his momentum from Round Nine into this round. By mid-round Ward had Green pinned up in the corner, as he continued to work the body and mix in quick combinations. By the end of the round Ward could be seen talking in Green's ear, but I suspect he was not whispering pleasantries.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 11

Thirty seconds into Round Eleven, Ward landed a sharp right hook to Green's face, aggravating the "mouse" that had developed over his opponent's left eye several rounds ago. Green remained content to clinch most of the round as Ward, sensing victory, systematically chopped away at Green's body.

Some in the crowd began calling for a KO, but Ward clearly was focused on staying within his game plan rather than going after the knockout. Realizing that he had already put several rounds in the bank, Ward clearly did not want to get careless and risk getting caught with a big shot himself.

Ward 10, Green 9

Round 12

Boxing trainers sometimes talk about "silent agreements" between fighters. This is an unspoken understanding whereby the fighter who is losing agrees to stop fighting back if the fighter who is winning agrees to stop punishing him.

The final round opened with Green offering one of these silent agreements, but Ward patently rejected it. As if to demonstrate that he is a true champion, Ward decided to finish the show in impressive fashion and not let up the pressure. He stalked Green the entire round and punished him to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Although Oracle Arena did not see the knockout for which they clamored, they were definitely treated to a world-class exhibition by their beloved hometown hero.

Ward 10, Green 9

DSH Final Scorecard: Ward 118, Green 110

Final Thoughts & Comments

Ward's whitewash of Green sets up a Super Six Tournament match with Andre Dirrell, his friend and fellow Olympian from the 2004 Games.

Dirrell attended the fight to both support his friend and gain some tactical insight for their upcoming bout. Dirrell was quick to point out that unlike Green, he is more of a boxer and is better equipped to deal with Ward.

"We sparred together in the Olympics . . . we know each other," Dirrell said. "So it's going to be a strategic battle. Unlike Green I am a boxer and not just a fighter - I think in the ring."

The prospect of these two skilled boxers and good friends fighting for the championship is an intriguing one indeed. As much as Ward's local fans would love to see another fight of his in Oakland, the "Son of God" should bring his talent to the big stage of Las Vegas for his next fight.

It is time for the world to see the best kept secret in boxing.

By David Johnson
Contributing Writer for

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