NBA Draft 2010 Preview: Top Point Guards

June 24, 2010

While last year's NBA Draft produced one of the better classes of rookie point guards in recent memory, this season's group is not nearly as deep.

After projected top pick and future star John Wall is selected number one overall, the talent drops significantly, as the remaining point guards on the board are surrounded with question marks. Many in fact are combo guards or late converts to the position, and thus, will need work trying to develop the pass-first mentality needed to be a good playmaker.

Here are our rankings for the top lead guards in the 2010 NBA Draft:

1. John Wall - Kentucky (6'4" 195 pounds)

Wall is a tall, superior athlete in the mold of a Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook. He will instantly make Washington an uptempo, more exciting squad, thanks to his blazing speed and devastating ability to push the ball and finish in transition.

Wall has long arms, good height, and quickness, all of which project into a lockdown defender should he ever adopt a pitbull, defensive mentality. In addition, Wall has demonstrated that he is not afraid of the big moment, as he made several clutch plays during his one year with Kentucky.

Where Wall could struggle will be in half court sets, as his jump shot is not consistent, and thus, teams can get away with playing off of him.

2. Eric Bledsoe - Kentucky (6'1" 190 pounds)

Bledsoe is one of the riskier picks in this draft because he projects well physically at the position, but his actual game remains unproven.

With Wall being the clear star at Kentucky, Bledsoe was forced to play off the ball and out of his natural position. As such, there is much uncertainty as to whether he can run an offense or create in half court sets. Moreover, his outside stroke, much like Wall, is not consistent.

Nevertheless, the athleticism and quickness is there, allowing him, at a minimum, to be an effective player in the open court.

3. Jerome Randle - California (5'10" 160 pounds)

Randle is ranked very high on this list for a guy who might not even get selected, but looking simply at his ability to make an impact on the floor rather than just his ability to "project" size-wise, this guy has fewer question marks than many of the other guards in this draft.

With Randle you know exactly what you are getting - an undersized, extremely quick, knockdown outside shooter with unlimited range in the mold of a Michael Adams. His deadly stroke, coupled with his ability to penetrate, should make Randle a quality scorer in the right role.

Defensively however, Randle's size is a major concern, as he will struggle against bigger guards. Still, given his quickness and outside shooting prowess, Randle should be able to stick on some roster as an electrifying change-of-pace guard off the bench.

4. Armon Johnson - Nevada (6'3" 195 pounds)

Johnson is a converted point guard with good size and athleticism. A lefty, he still retains a bit of a shoot-first mentality from his 2 guard days, and will need time to develop and learn the position at the next level. He also could use a better jump shot.

Despite those concerns, Johnson is quick, aggressive, and a good one-on-one player. With his size and speed, he has the potential to be an excellent defender at the next level.

5. Greivis Vasquez - Maryland (6'6" 210 pounds)

Vasquez is not a great athlete, but is blessed with size and intangibles. A fiery leader and good three-point shooter, Vasquez has excellent court vision and makes good decisions. He is a reliable go-to guy in crunch time and has played against top FIBA competition with the Venezuelan National Team.

Defensively, Vasquez could struggle to keep up with quicker, more athletic guards.

Others to Watch

Jon Scheyer - Duke
Denis Clemente - Kansas State
Willie Warren - Oklahoma
Sherron Collins - Kansas
Devan Downey - South Carolina
Scottie Reynolds - Villanova
Ishmael Smith - Wake Forest
Matt Bouldin - Gonzaga
Tommy Mason-Griffin - Oklahoma
Courtney Fortson - Arkansas
Dee Bost - Mississippi State
Alexey Shved - Dynamo Moscow
Mikhail Torrance - Alabama
Marquez Haynes - Texas-Arlington
Terrico White - Ole Miss

SLEEPER: Jerome Randle - California

For reasons discussed above, Randle figures to be a late second round steal. But there are also a few other names to watch.

Devan Downey can be an explosive scorer and is at his best against top competition, as seen last year in the Gamecocks' upset win over Kentucky.

Denis Clemente is undersized, but is a clutch shot-maker. Sherron Collins can penetrate and hit threes, but has a stocky frame and is dealing with weight issues.

Gonzaga' Bouldin is tall and has some creative flair to his game. He can penetrate, plays with confidence, and has a decent stroke.

Shved has good size, and has been compared to Goran Dragic.

By Mike Elliott
Staff Editor for

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