Street League Ontario Practice and Qualifier Produces Thrills

June 16, 2012

Ontario, CA -- The Street League pros gathered on Thursday, June 14th, for a closed practice at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. For any spectator, the scene almost resembled a private skate session among friends, rather than a precursor to an intense battle between elite athletes.

Between practice runs, the pros greeted each other, cracked jokes, and cheered each other on as they landed their big tricks.

Chaz Ortiz described the vibe as “just all fun.”

“We’re all friends,” said Ortiz. “We don’t take it as serious as a basketball player or a football player would. We’re just out here skating.”

This camaraderie does not necessarily mean that these pros lack the competitive nature to make for an exciting event.

On Friday, skateboarding fans were treated to remarkable performances during the qualifying event. All 24 Street League pros competed for the top six spots to guarantee their entry to the final.

Among a diverse group of skilled skaters, Nyjah Huston’s talent never fails to shine. The 17-year-old clinched the top qualifying spot after landing huge tricks such as a Nollie Backside Noseblunt Slide, and a Kickflip Backside Tail Slide.

Defending champion Sean Malto displayed his signature style and consistency to earn him second place in the qualifier. His Backside Noseblunt Slide in the Big Section elicited an excited reaction from the crowd.

Paul Rodriguez gave one of his best Street League performances to date, taking the third place spot in the qualifying event. Rodriguez has struggled in previous Street League events, but was able to put that aside and execute impressive tricks, such as a Switch Backside Tail Slide.

Solid scores for Luan Oliveira, Chaz Ortiz, and first-time finalist Peter Ramondetta earned them the remaining qualifying spots.

Pros Mikey Taylor, Tommy Sandoval, Matt Miller, David Gonzalez, Chris Cole, and Eric Koston finished 7th to 12th, requiring that they compete in the semifinal the next day for a chance to advance to the final round.

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
Contributing Writer for The Daily Sports Herald

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