Pac-12 Media Day Begins with Commissioner Larry Scott

July 24, 2012

Universal City, CA -- Pac-12 Media Day began today with Commissioner Larry Scott addressing the media. The following are the main points covered:

The Pac-12 makes up 25% of Olympians. Later this fall, the UCLA Men's Basketball team will play in China in the preseason and the Chinese National Women's Volleyball will play the four California schools. All of this further highlights the global impact of Pac-12 athletes.

Commissioner Scott addressed the new NCAA Football 4-Team Playoff and described it as "a very positive step forward." He further referred to it as an "artful balance" giving fans "what they want," while "also preserving the importance of the regular season and America's bowl tradition."

This season, 44 football games involving Pac-12 teams will be broadcast on national television - not regional networks.

Most importantly, the Pac-12 will be the first conference to completely own its own networks.In total, there will be 7 total networks -- 1 national television network and 6 regional networks.

Commissioner Scott went on to describe this year's Pac-12 Football teams as the conference's "strongest and deepest conference in many years."

Manish Pandya
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