Cleveland Cavaliers win 2013 NBA Draft Lottery

May 22, 2013

For the second time in the last three years the Cleveland Cavaliers have struck lottery gold, winning the rights to the first pick in the upcoming 2013 NBA Draft.

Two years ago, Cleveland cashed in that prize to nab Kyrie Irving, a spectacular ballhandler and one of the top up-and-coming point guards in the league.

Selecting this year's first pick will not be so easy, as there is no clear cut number one choice, but rather a collection of very good young prospects each with his own set questions.

One potential choice could be Nerlens Noel of Kentucky, a shotblocking, but offensively raw big man who is coming off an ACL injury to his knee.

Other potential top picks include UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad, Michigan's Trey Burke, Georgetown's Otto Porter, UNLV's Anthony Bennett, and Kansas' Ben McLemore.

The Cavaliers had a 15.6 percent chance of obtaining the first selection in the Draft, which will be held in Brooklyn at Barclays Center on Thursday, June 27, 2013.

Here is the order of selection for the 2013 NBA Draft:
1.         Cleveland                
2.         Orlando
3.         Washington  
4.         Charlotte
5.         Phoenix
6.         New Orleans
7.         Sacramento  
8.         Detroit          
9.         Minnesota    
10.       Portland        
11.       Philadelphia  
12.       Toronto            (To Oklahoma City via Houston)
13.       Dallas
14.       Utah  
15.       Milwaukee    
16.       Boston
17.       Atlanta
18.       Houston (To Atlanta via Brooklyn)  
19.       LA Lakers (To Cleveland)    
20.       Chicago        
21.       Golden State (To Utah via Brooklyn)
22.       Brooklyn      
23.       Indiana
24.       New York    
25.       LA Clippers  
26.       Memphis (To Minnesota via Houston)
27.       Denver
28.       San Antonio  
29.       Oklahoma City        
30.       Miami (To Phoenix via LA Lakers & Cleveland)      


31.       Orlando (To Cleveland)
32.       Charlotte (To Oklahoma City)
33.       Cleveland
34.       Phoenix (To Houston)
35.       New Orleans (To Philadelphia)
36.       Sacramento
37.       Detroit
38        Washington
39.       Minnesota (To Portland via Boston and Cleveland)
40.       Portland
41.       Toronto (To Memphis)
42.       Philadelphia
43.       Milwaukee
44.       Dallas[1]
45.       Boston (To Portland)
46.       Utah
47.       Atlanta
48.       LA Lakers[2]
49.       Chicago
50.       Houston (To Atlanta)
51.       Golden State (To Orlando via Denver and New York)
52.       Brooklyn (To Minnesota)
53.       Indiana
54.       New York (To Washington)
55.       Memphis
56.       LA Clippers (To Detroit)
57.       Denver (To Phoenix via LA Lakers)
58.       San Antonio                  
59.       Oklahoma City (To Minnesota)
60.       Miami (To Memphis)

[1] This pick may be conveyed to the LA Lakers.
[2] This pick may be conveyed to Dallas

By Staff of The Daily Sports Herald and news services

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  1. Congratulations to the team from Cleveland!


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