Cleveland Cavaliers get top pick in NBA Draft again, Lakers to select seventh

May 21, 2014

If Dan Gilbert ever gets the nerve to once again whine and howl about the alleged advantages of large market NBA franchises over his Cleveland Cavaliers, his babbling should be immediately silenced considering his team has now won the NBA Draft Lottery three of the past four seasons.

Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who had a 1.7 percent chance of obtaining the first selection, won the lottery and received the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.  It is the second consecutive year in which Cleveland has had the top pick.  The Draft will be held in Brooklyn at Barclays Center on Thursday, June 26, 2014.

Last year Cleveland selected Anthony Bennett, a one-and-done out of UNLV via Canada who had a poor rookie season.  This season's rookie class is expected to be more talented, as such prospects as Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and Jabari Parker are expected to be in the running for the first overall pick.

Gilbert was a major proponent of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and its harsher luxury tax penalties designed to even the playing field, but (surprise!) his team has still failed to become a playoff contender since the CBA's implementation.

Maybe it's not the big market-small market divide that is the problem for Gilbert, so much as his franchise's subpar ability to evaluate talent, put together a roster, and make wise decisions with its coaching hires.  

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers essentially got bumped one spot down to seventh due to Cleveland's good fortune.  Among the prospects likely to be available when LA makes its selection are point guard Marcus Smart, forward Julius Randle, and forward Aaron Gordon.

Here is the order for the 2014 NBA Draft lottery:

1. Cleveland
2. Milwaukee
3. Philadelphia
4. Orlando
5. Utah
6. Boston
7. LA Lakers
8. Sacramento
9. Charlotte (From Detroit)
10. Philadelphia (From New Orleans)
11. Denver
12. Orlando (From New York via Denver)
13. Minnesota
14. Phoenix      

Following is the order for the remainder of the 2014 NBA Draft:

15.  Atlanta
16.  Chicago (From Charlotte)
17.  Boston (From Brooklyn)
18.  Phoenix (From Washington)
19.  Chicago
20.  Toronto
21.  Oklahoma City (From Dallas via Houston and LA Lakers)
22.  Memphis
23.  Utah (From Golden State)
24.  Charlotte (From Portland)
25.  Houston
26.  Miami
27.  Phoenix (From Indiana)
28.  LA Clippers
29.  Oklahoma City
30.  San Antonio


31.  Milwaukee
32.  Philadelphia
33.  Cleveland (From Orlando)
34.  Dallas (From Boston)
35.  Utah
36.  Milwaukee (From LA Lakers via Minnesota and Phoenix)
37.  Toronto (From Sacramento)
38.  Detroit
39.  Philadelphia (From Cleveland)
40.  Minnesota (From New Orleans)
41.  Denver
42.  Houston (From New York)
43.  Atlanta
44.  Minnesota
45.  Charlotte
46.  Washington
47.  Philadelphia (From Brooklyn via Dallas and Boston)
48.  Milwaukee (From Toronto via Phoenix)
49.  Chicago
50.  Phoenix
51.  Dallas
52.  Philadelphia (From Memphis via Cleveland)
53.  Minnesota (From Golden State)
54.  Philadelphia (From Houston via Milwaukee)
55.  Miami
56.  Denver (From Portland)
57.  Indiana
58.  San Antonio (From LA Clippers via New Orleans)
59.  Toronto (From Oklahoma City via New York)
60.  San Antonio

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