Long Beach Poly trounces Compton, 99-9

October 4, 2014

Long Beach Polytechnic has sent more players to the NFL than any other high school in the nation (58 if your counting), but judging by the scoreboard on Friday night, one might think that they actually had some of those NFL players suited up for the game.

In a game featuring the two oldest teams in the Moore League, the Jackrabbits lit up the scoreboard this week against Compton High, 99-9. Luckily the Jackrabbits stopped there as the Veterans Stadium scoreboard had no space for 3 digit scores.

Poly is now coached by former NFL Pro Bowler and New York Giants team captain Antonio Pierce.  Pierce inserted backups for significant portions of the game, but that still did not slow the scoring much.

Compton actually scored first, getting excellent field position to start the game after taking back the opening kickoff deep into Jackrabbit territory.  A subsequent Compton touchdown would give them a short-lived lead before the Poly onslaught.

The high school football scoring record was set in the 1920's when  Haven (Haven, Kan.) routed Sylvia (Sylvia, Kan.) 256-0, on November 16, 1927.

In professional football the record goes to the 1904 Massillon Tigers, who scored 26 touchdowns and 18 extra points in a 148-0 slaughter of Marion, Ohio.   That record is even more impressive when one considers that in those days American football was still much like rugby with no forward passing, and with touchdowns being worth only 5 points.

By Joseph Hammond
Contributing Writer for TheDailySportsHerald.com

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