NFL ruled incorrectly on Dez Bryant catch

January 12, 2015

Listen below to our NFL radio show as we discuss today's Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers playoff game. In this show, we will review the key sequences of the game and discuss whether Dez Bryant actually made a catch.  Unlike the mainstream corporate media, we will engage in a much more sophisticated analysis of the two applicable and relevant NFL rules to determine if a catch was made.  In addition, we will predict the outcome of next week's Seattle-Green Bay game, and will discuss the Cowboys' potential for a deep run next season.  Click below to listen (Note: Discussion of Dez Bryant call begins at approximately the 7:20 mark of the show):

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1 comment:

  1. Spot on fellas. How the hell is reaching out for the goal line not a football move??? I guess they believe it's pure coincidence that his arm flailed out and the goal just happened to be nearby.

    Fixed games!! I will never bet on the NFL again and lose money on some idiot ref who doesn't know his own rule book!!! The Calvin Johnson rule is irrelevant if Dez does a football move.


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