Media Fight Predictions for Lucas Matthysse-Ruslan Provodnikov bout

April 18, 2015

In a potentially explosive 12-round junior welterweight fight that few predict will go the distance, former champions Lucas Matthysse (36-3, 34 KOs) and Ruslan Provodnikov (24-3, 17 KOs) will clash tonight in a likely high-action "Fight of the Year" candidate bout.

Below are the predictions of various members of the boxing media, most of whom favor Matthysse to win:


"Matthysse is clearly more skilled. But this one is going to come down to who has more will. And the brutally tough and durable Provodnikov has few peers in this regard. Look for this one to live up to expectations as an all-out war."


"These two aggressive power punchers could put on a Gatti-Ward type of battle.  But I believe Matthysse wins because he is the better technical boxer.  Provodnikov previously lost to Algieri and Bradley when they weathered his initial onslaught and then boxed him.  At some point, Matthysse will slow down Provodnikov by moving a bit, using his jab, and then landing big shots, rather than simply trading in a phone booth all night."

TIM DAHLBERG, Associated Press:

"Matthysse by TKO in what should be a slugfest. This is a fight that could easily go either way, but believe Matthysse will land the bigger punches."


"Something's gotta give. Matthysee will swing until an official intervention. Provodnikov will come forward through anti-tank fire. The winner will either be able to impose his will on the other, or have a varied enough game to change the dynamics. The guess here is that Matthysse at least has the latter, if not the former. Matthysse W 12."


"In what should be one of the best fights of 2015, if not recent years, I think we'll see a back-and-forth battle between two of the best action fighters in the sport. And in a war of attrition, I believe it will be the superior strength and size of Provodnikov that will come out victorious after 12 fast-paced and violent rounds."

ROBERT MORALES, Los Angeles Newspaper Group:

"I'm going to take Matthysse by late-round TKO. I just think he's the better fighter, and he is definitely the harder puncher."


"Matthysse, by KO in the 10th round."

LANCE PUGMIRE, The Los Angeles Times:

"I expect the overall boxing skill of Lucas Matthysse to carry him to victory over the hard-hitting Ruslan Provodnikov. In a bout that will likely fulfill expectations of a slugfest, it's in Matthysse's interest to limit those exchanges and rely on a more universal skill set. By doing so, Matthysse should escape a classic by decision."


"Fun, fun fight. I love Provodnikov's fighting spirit but Matthysse has the same spirit and superior skills. I think the Argentine will get the better of inevitable firefights; wear Provodnikov down and either become the first to stop the Russian or win a clear decision. Matthysse by unanimous decision."


"Matthysse by eighth-round TKO. This should be a slugfest for the ages. Toe-to-toe for as long as it goes and a 'Fight of the Year' candidate before it even starts. Matthysse gets the edge because I believe he's got a bit more going in the boxing skills department than Provodnikov."

MICHAEL WOODS, The Sweet Science:

"Trading. Tit for tat. Back and forth. Ebb. Flow. And I think the Siberian Rocky gets the nod, with a couple knockdowns of The Machine."

Matthysse-Provodnikov News and Notes 

Here's what the fighters had to say recently to the media:

Ruslan Provodnikov . . . 

"I am glad Lucas and team are so sure of themselves because I am positive that once I am in the ring my actions will speak for themselves. I am here to win and I will do everything to win this fight."

"No one can stop my will, my will, will not be broken."

"I fight for an idea, for myself, for the people and to make history. I am fighting one of the best fighters, and I feel like this will make history. I don't do it for the fame or the money."

"I met Bernard [Hopkins] a long time ago and he told me: 'make your own history,' and I feel like I have been doing that."

"I will be ready for whatever Matthysse does.  I 100% percent believe that this fight will be the fight of the year. I always give everything I can in training camp and I'm very responsible. I don't take anybody lightly, but to answer your question: walking into the ring with a fighter that I know will fight back will definitely show that what I can do as a boxer than going up against a fighter who will just run."

Lucas Matthysse . . .

"I have been training non-stop, way before the fight was officially announced. I have been doing a lot of sparring to improve my speed and make sure I make as much contact with my opponent as possible."

"Ruslan is a great fighter, he comes prepared for a war.  My strategy against him will be to make sure to box and keep moving, that is why sparring has been really important in my training."

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