Shane Mosley finishes Ricardo Mayorga in sixth round of rematch bout

August 30, 2015

Inglewood, Calif. — In a fight between two former elite champions that provided fans with more excitement than initially anticipated, "Sugar" Shane Mosley sent Ricardo Mayorga to the canvas with a body shot, ending their rematch bout at the 2:59 mark of Round Six.

While Mayorga looked soft and out of shape, Mosley was well-conditioned and prepared for battle.  The fight did not disappoint, producing plenty of action and even some theatrics from Mayorga, who taunted Mosley several times in the third and fourth rounds.

Mayorga had little success during the fight, managing to land only a few clean shots during the third round that appeared to have a limited effect on Mosley.  Otherwise, it appeared that Mayorga’s sole strategy was to frustrate Mosley through taunting.  By the fifth round, it was clear that Mayorga was tired and in survival mode.

Throughout the fight, Mosley was able to effectively utilize his jab, which in turn, set up his overhand right.  Mosley began working on Mayorga’s body in the second round and finally ended the fight with a shot to Mayorga’s liver.

Initially, Mayorga complained that the shot was a low blow, however, the replay conclusively showed that the punch was clean and legal.

With the victory, Mosley improved to 48-9-1 with 39 KO's.  Mayorga dropped to 31-9-1 with the loss.
The Undercard

Lightweight Joel Diaz Jr. dominated Luis Arceo, winning by a technical knockout in the fourth round.  Diaz (20-0) wasted no time with Arceo, hurting him twice in the first round with a left hook.  Diaz continued punishing Arceo in the second round, causing a cut that was further opened in Round Three. In the fourth round, Diaz landed another big punch, sending Arceo to the canvas, and ultimately, causing the fight to be stopped.

In a women's ten-round bout, Yulihan Avila and Maureen Shea fought to a draw.  Although Shea’s face looked as though it absorbed the most punishment, she was clearly the aggressor throughout the fight.  Shea stalked Avila around the ring, but Avila was able to land quite a few clean punches to Shea’s face.  The crowd clearly enjoyed the fight even though the decision prompted boos.

By Mario Gandara
Contributing Writer for 

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