Boxing 2015 Knockout of the Year

January 10, 2016

Don’t write former two-division champion Randall Bailey (45-8 39 KOs) off just yet. The 41-year-old proved that his ring moniker, “The Knock-Out King” is still well deserved.

Fighting in front of a sparse crowd at South Korea’s Inchon Seonhak Boxing Stadium, Bailey faced Japan’s Shusaka Fujinaka (12-6-2 8 KOs) in a fight billed as his South Korean debut.

In the seventh round, his 28-year-old opponent had Bailey backpedaling from significant pressure when the fortunes of the two fighters suddenly changed. Bailey turned the tide with a sneaky left hook that floored his opponent for the count.

Bailey didn't even have his feet properly planted when he threw the punch, a testament to his stopping power and .700 knockout percentage.

Since losing to Devon Alexander in 2012, Bailey has fought three times, winning twice by KO and once by disqualification.

By Joseph Hammond
Contributing Writer for

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