New Showtime documentary to focus on Thailand's prison fighters

January 11, 2017

Showtime Sports announced an intriguing new documentary, entitled Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds To Freedom, which examines a controversial practice in Thailand’s criminal justice system where inmates can earn their freedom by winning a series of Muay Thai fights.

The state-sponsored rehabilitation program, popularly known as Prison Fight, is not reserved for petty criminals.  Under the law, violent criminals, including those convicted of murder and sexual assault, have been freed, and in some cases, fully absolved of their crimes through their participation in Prison Fights.

Narrated by Ron Perlman, the film centers on the story of Noy Khaopan, a convicted murderer serving time in the Khao Prik Prison in Thailand.  Viewers will follow Noy’s journey through Prison Fight and hear from his family, as well as from the heartbroken family of Noy’s victim.  Ultimately, Noy’s freedom rests on one final fight, which poses a critical question: Can violent men redeem themselves through violent acts?

But while Noy and other inmates fight literally for their freedom, the Prison Fight program has also attracted professional Muay Thai fighters from around the world eager to test themselves in this unique environment.

American Cody Moberly of Kansas, a professional fighter training and competing in Thailand with a redemption story of his own, serves as Noy’s opponent in the final high-stakes fight.

The film also focuses on former World Champion boxer “Oh” Sirimongkol Singwangcha, who now runs a training facility on the outskirts of Bangkok.  Once considered Thailand’s Manny Pacquiao, “Oh” was convicted of drug possession years earlier, but earned his way to freedom through the Prison Fight system.

The 90-minute film will premiere on Friday, Feb. 24 at 8:30p ET/PT on Showtime.  The film is produced by Jason Bowers, written by Mark Kriegel, and directed by Micah Brown.

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