Arsenal Takes Down Chelsea, 2-1

December 5, 2008

The Chelsea Blues were at home last Sunday in a classic London derby, and for the second time in four years, the fans left Stamford Bridge as losers.

It turned out to be a wonderful day of football. Chelsea came out firing, and it looked as though Arsenal was in trouble when Chelsea took the lead with an own goal by Djourou in an embarrassing display of soccer by the Arsenal backline and goalkeeper.

Chelsea had great looks-on-net right into the second half, and should have gone up two goals when Frank Lampard fired a wide open shot from the 18 yard box wide of the post. Chelsea fans likely were disappointed, since these are shots that Lamp normally finishes clinically.

The miss proved to be detrimental minutes later when Denilson put Robin Van Persie through in an offside position in a highly controversial play. The linesman missed the call, but in his defense a lagging Soloman Kalou playing right defense was slow to move out, and may have caused the linseman to think Van Persie still was onside.

It made no difference to Van Persie, as the Dutchman who has been written off by many, lit up Upton Park with two goals in just three touches over a three-minute span. Instantly, he was a hero, and Arsenal was up 2-1.

His second goal was a classic striker’s goal. Van Persie received the ball in the box and with the defenders and goalie following the ball from the right side across the net, he wrapped his left foot around the ball and went to the opposite corner, tightly snuggling the ball into the right corner.

The rest of the game went back and forth in typical derby fashion, with Chelsea seeing more of the ball, but no real chances on net. For Chelsea it’s just another life lesson on finishing one’s chances when they arise.

This is Chelsea’s second home loss this season after losing to Liverpool last month, and the look on the faces of Chelsea’s fans tells it all. They aren’t used to losing and won’t tolerate it. Chelsea fans are known for their belligerance, and probably would have produced some entertaining heckling had a microphone been placed near the sidelines.

Arsenal’s win puts them back in to the Premier League title race. Meanwhile, Chelsea remains on top by goal differential with Liverpool. Overall, however, it is Liverpool that is playing in top form right now, as they are not necessarily the best team, but simply are maximizing their talent to the utmost.

By Adrian Yeung
Staff Reporter for TheDailySportsHerald

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