Breaking News: Suspect in Stow Case Hires Los Angeles Defense Attorney Jose Romero

May 23, 2011

The Daily Sports Herald has confirmed that Giovanni Ramirez, the man arrested for his alleged involvement in the Bryan Stow incident earlier this year at Dodger Stadium, has retained prominent Los Angeles attorney Jose Romero to assist in the defense of his case.

Authorities apprehended Ramirez Sunday after receiving a tip from his parole officer.  He currently is in custody on a parole hold with bail set at one million dollars.

Ramirez is likely to have an arraignment hearing in Los Angeles tomorrow, where he will be informed of any charges filed against him.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently searching for two other suspects believed to be involved in the incident.

Attorney Jose Romero did not have any comment on the case at this time.

By Mike Elliott
Staff Editor of

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