UCI Refutes Allegations By Tyler Hamilton

May 23, 2011

In a press release issued today, the International Cycling Union strongly rejected the allegations made by Tyler Hamilton recently on the television show "60 Minutes" concerning Lance Armstrong's drug use.

Hamilton claimed that Lance Armstrong tested positive for EPO during the 2001 Tour of Switzerland and that the results were covered up after one of his representatives approached the Lausanne laboratory responsible for analyzing the test results.

In its release, the UCI stated that it was "deeply shocked" by the allegations, and that it "has never altered or hidden the results of a positive test."

The UCI went on to directly comment on Hamilton, noting that at "no time did he see fit to inform the UCI of the events he claims to have witnessed ten years ago, and which he is now using in his attempt to harm the UCI."

The UCI then confirmed that Lance Armstrong has never been notified of a positive test result by any anti-doping laboratory.

The UCI further explained the transparency of its procedures, stating that:

in doping cases it must abide by the rules of evidence; any statutory or scientific evaluation must necessarily be made on the basis of the rules, knowledge and detection methods available at the time.
Once again, the UCI wishes to state that no manipulation or cover-up has occurred in respect of its anti-doping procedures. The UCI will continue to defend its honour and credibility by all means available, and reserves the right to take any measures it deems necessary against Mr Hamilton or any other person.

Although the UCI may be viewed as trying to save its own neck, its strong statement was necessary to preserve the sport's credibility at a time when it has been marked by accidental racing deaths and this latest media war of words between Armstrong and Hamilton.

By Staff of TheDailySportsHerald.com

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