Malignaggi Calls Out Robert "Ghost" Guerrero

February 11, 2012

In an open letter released to the media, Paulie Malignaggi has claimed that Robert Guerrero is ducking a potential May 5 fight with him on the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto bout.

At the very least, Malignaggi's letter is an entertaining bit of smack-talking, with a couple of well-reasoned points thrown in for good measure.

For Malignaggi, a fight with the up-and-coming Guerrero makes a lot of sense because it could show that he still has something to offer at this late stage of his career.  More importantly, it could position him for potentially one more big payday against an elite name.

For Guerrero, the fight might contain more risk than reward.  Guerrero does not need to beat a steppingstone name in order to get a shot at a quality opponent because he already has reached that stage, or is at least on the cusp of doing so.

Still, Guerrero is coming off of shoulder surgery, and thus, he could use some good rounds against a quality veteran such as Malignaggi, before taking on the top names.

Should these two ever meet in the ring, Malignaggi's letter will ensure that Round One contains a few fireworks.

Here is a copy of the letter printed in its entirety:

An Open Letter To Robert “The Disappearing Ghost” Guerrero from Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi
Dear Robert: 
For the past 3 months, you and your team have attempted to trick the media and boxing public into believing that you were on a short list to fight the best fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather. You also called out every Golden Boy Promotions boxer you could between 135 to 147 pounds, proclaiming your health after shoulder surgery and your readiness to step into the ring in a big fight on May 5th. Every time you had a big bowel movement, your publicist sent an email blast about it.
Two days ago, you and I were offered to fight each other on May 5th as an important supporting pay-per-view bout on the Mayweather vs. Cotto blockbuster PPV. I am sure you will agree that Mayweather vs. Cotto will be the biggest pay-per-view show of the year and on the biggest platform imaginable at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and on HBO PPV. Millions of boxing fans will have the opportunity to finally see if you can back up your recent widespread chatter on the internet.
Robert, I accepted the challenge to fight you within 2 hours of being offered the fight. But I have been informed by our promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, that you have categorically refused to fight me. This news was absolutely shocking to me because I have seen you transform yourself from a cute, soft spoken, California kid to well, someone like me. I give you props for trying to wake up the old boxing farts with sound bites like telling Mayweather to “Step Up Punk” or telling Victor Ortiz 3 days ago that “if you’re really a true warrior, you’ll step in the ring with me.” But take it from an older and wiser Magic Man that has never needed to hide behind a publicist and has always backed up his words by stepping into the ring with the best fighters in the world, if you start talking the way you have been talking, you better be ready to accept whatever challenges come your way. 
Robert, I know that you and your team have been present in the Arena for my past three fights and you have seen how good I have looked in dismantling my opponents. And maybe your advisors think that all the garlic in Gilroy won’t protect you should we fight on May 5th. But you need to find the Mexican warrior within yourself and back up your hot air by stepping into the ring on the day of pride and heritage for your people, Cinco De Mayo. Because if you think you deserve to fight the elite boxers in this world, you need to earn it with more than just a trigger happy publicist. You are a paper Champion that has never fought anyone in the Top 100 of boxing. Beating a geriatric Joel Casamayor or the Australian punching bag that is Michael Katsidis does not earn you the right to call out Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan, and Victor Ortiz. Beating me on May 5th might get you one step closer to that honor. 
So come on, Robert. Don’t become a big joke with the boxing world. Listen to your own words and step up punk. If you’re really a true warrior, and not just some internet loud mouth, you’ll step in the ring with me on May 5th. What are you afraid of? Coming off shoulder surgery? I have had more surgery on my hands than an aging Beverly Hills housewife. Are you for real or are you truly just a ghost with a good publicist?
The Magic Man

From Staff of The Daily Sports Herald


  1. Malignaggi be careful what you wish for. The Ghost is no Juan Diaz

  2. It sounds like someone's calling someone out..Robert Guerrero, you need to fight this man.



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