Manny Pacquiao v. Tim Bradley Boxing Recap

June 10, 2012

In an atrocious split decision gifting Tim Bradley a "victory" over Manny Pacquiao Saturday night, two judges awarded Bradley seven out of twelve rounds in a fight that many viewed as a Pacquiao blowout. Listen below as our expert boxing panel discusses the fight in great detail, and also weighs in on the legacies of Johnny Tapia, Shane Mosley, Winky Wright, Paul Williams, and Antonio Margarito:

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  1. Incompetent, awful judges. The feds need to monitor bribery in the sport. Last night was a crime.

  2. Boxing...Dedicated to the success of UFC.

    Dana White's laughing his ass off.

    I do like the way Bradley handled it though. Wonder if he's reviewed the tape yet to see if he really won?

    Give the belt back Bradley the whole world knows you lost


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